Environmental groups also rely on Public Notice and the erosion of accessibility of Public Notice will impact their ability to monitor critical environmental issues.

  • Air permit applications require public notice, and require the applicant to mail clippings and “affidavits of publication.” Proposals to remove public notice from newspapers have no mechanism for providing affidavits of publication or other¬†standards for proof of publication.
  • Public notice helped residents of Kempner identify the company responsibile for a rock-crushing operation which had created air and noise pollution concerns.
  • In Montgomery County, county commissioners rejected a plan for a landfill after a public notice, and 75 residents raised protests against the landfill.
  • Corporations are already making inroads at applying for permits in ways that get around public notice requirements, including allegedly for amendments granted to coal plants by the TCEQ,¬†that alter the amount of emmissions produced by those plants, without public notice.